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Know Your Rights After Being Injured By A Faulty Product

We’d all like to assume that the products we buy are safe. Unfortunately, that isn’t always true. Manufacturers make mistakes or cut corners, resulting in defective and dangerous products making it onto store shelves and into our homes.

If you or a family member suffered serious injuries due to the negligence of a product manufacturer or retailer, contact our skilled personal injury lawyers at Hilbrich Law Firm. We’ve been serving northwest Indiana since 1952, and we have a strong track record of success both in and out of the courtroom.

Examples Of Defective Products

Here are just some of the many ways a defective product could lead to injuries and litigation

  • A coffee maker that leaks scalding water on users, causing burn injuries
  • Children’s toys that contain toxic chemicals or lead
  • Infant drop-side cribs that can collapse, suffocating babies
  • All-metal hip implants that release metal shavings into the body when the joints rub together
  • A prescription drug with dangerous side effects that were known to – but not disclosed by – the manufacturer
  • A plug-in power strip made with electrical wiring that cannot handle the current it is exposed to, leading to overheating and fires

Unsure whether your injuries could be attributed to a defective product? We make it easy to explore your legal options by offering free initial consultations.

Understanding How A Product May Be Defective

There are countless specific defects a product may suffer from. But when it comes to product liability litigation, there are essentially three types of allegations. They include:

  • Defects in design: The product was allegedly designed in a fundamentally unsound way. Therefore, all copies of the product would be dangerous.
  • Defects in manufacturing: There was a problem with the materials used or how they were assembled. Certain products or “batches” of products would be impacted, but not necessarily all copies made.
  • Failure to warn or instruct: It is up to product manufacturers (and sometimes retailers) to include proper warnings about product safety and instructions for safe use. When someone is seriously injured due to a non obvious danger that wasn’t disclosed, the manufacturer can often be held liable.

Indiana’s laws are not as favorable to injured consumers as those in some other states. We discuss manufacturer liability in greater detail on our product liability FAQs page.

Get Your Questions Answered During A Free Initial Consultation

If you were injured by a dangerous product and want to learn more about your rights, contact Hilbrich Law Firm to schedule your free initial consultation. We have offices in Highland, Crown Point and Portage, and we serve all of northwest Indiana. To get started, you can reach out online or call 219-444-4330.