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Surgical Errors

Surgical errors are surprisingly common. Puncturing an organ is a common mistake, but it could cost someone their life. Surgeons need to be held to appropriate standards of care and utilize all available precautions to avoid such mistakes.

Sometimes, surgical tools are accidentally left in a patient’s body. The presence of tools, gauze or some other foreign object can lead to dangerous infections and other complications that may require additional surgery or might even prove to be fatal over time.

Anesthesia errors also happen during surgery. The administration of the wrong mixture or dosage of medication could lead to a patient being left in a coma or even death.

Our attorneys at Hilbrich Law Firm represent patients who have been victim to those surgical errors and more, including individuals who have experienced surgical fires. Unfortunately, the use of electrocautery by physicians in the presence of oxygen or combustible anesthesia medications produces a significant risk, sometimes causing a flash fire that can do significant damage to a patient while they are unconscious and under complete control of the surgical team.

Have You Or A Loved One Experienced A Surgical Error?

Contact Hilbrich Law Firm at 219-444-4330 if you or a loved one has experienced a situation like one of those so that our lawyers can thoroughly investigate your surgery and determine whether the injury was caused by a surgical error. You can also reach out to us online to schedule a meeting.