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Medical Malpractice: Negligent Birth Injuries

Perhaps the most emotionally-scarring aspect of medical malpractice law involves birth injuries. A person is never more vulnerable to harm than at birth, and when something goes wrong it can lead to a lifetime of undeserved consequences for both the infant and parents. Even minor or common mistakes can prove catastrophic. Lawyers at Hilbrich Law Firm have been handling these types of medical malpractice cases for years and hold those who caused this unspeakable harm accountable.

Hilbrich Law Firm has successfully handled many birth injury malpractice cases. Birth injury cases include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Failure to delay premature birth or administer medication to enhance fetal lung development resulting in cerebral palsy
  • Failure to perform a timely cesarean section
  • Failure to properly monitor newborn's blood gases and metabolic acidosis resulting in brain damage and cerebral palsy
  • Failure to resuscitate a premature infant resulting in delay of affective ventilation in hypoxia
  • Birth asphyxia (oxygen deprivation at birth) resulting in spastic diplegia and brain damage
  • Failure to properly manage shoulder dystocia causing Erb's Palsy or Brachial Plexis injury

Hilbrich Law Firm is a firm of trial lawyers. All of our medical malpractice cases are prepared for trial. We do not accept cases with the hope of making quick settlements. We believe that to obtain the maximum for our clients, these medical malpractice cases must be fully prepared for trial and we are proud to do so and fight for your rights. Contact Hilbrich Law Firm if you think you may have a claim for negligent birth injuries. We are medical malpractice attorneys proudly serving Hammond, IN, Crown Point, IN, Highland, IN, Valparaiso, IN, Portage, IN, and more.

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