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Estate Planning: Community Outreach Program

Hilbrich Law Firm has a strong tradition of community service: our attorneys sit on numerous community and municipal boards. Our attorneys also understand it can be hard to evaluate the abundance of estate planning information available today. These concerns have lead the Estate Planning Division to institute a community outreach program, the focus of which is community education.

While it is important to have an estate plan, it is more important to understand how to use the estate plan you have in place.

Cori Mathis, the Estate Planning Division's Community Outreach Director, will be offering free estate planning seminars at the meetings of various community, philanthropic, religious, charitable, social, or professional groups. If you have any questions, please contact Hilbrich Law Firm.

Social Group Seminars

These seminars are designed to educate the community about various opportunities, options, and expensive myths that surround modern estate planning. The highlights:

  • Free Seminar, customized to be relevant to your group.
  • Have the seminar in your normal meeting place, pick a place from our list of public meeting places, or meet in our conference room (limited space available).
  • Complimentary educational materials provided for every person in the group, whether in attendance or not.
  • This is not a sales pitch: nothing will be sold and no appointments will be made at the seminar. Our goal is to educate people about their estate planning opportunities, and to banish expensive myths surrounding estate planning.

To Schedule a Seminar

If you are a member of a professional, community, or social group that would benefit from a discussion of estate planning options (or are just looking for speakers to fill your 2017-2018 meeting schedule), please send us your contact information using this form or contact us directly:

Cori Mathis, Esq.
Community Outreach Director

Call us at 1-877-877-LAW2 (5292) or send us an email at [email protected].