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Personal Injury: Construction Accidents

The construction profession is inherently one of the most dangerous occupations and every year thousands of workers in Indiana are injured or killed at construction sites. Under Indiana law, an injured worker has the right to file and collect worker's compensation benefits for injuries on the job. However, an injured worker may also have what is known as a third party negligence claim against a contractor, subcontractor, equipment manufacturer,or other person or business as long as the at-fault party is not the employer or co-worker of the injured or deceased person. Generally, these types of lawsuits involved either general negligence in maintaining safe working conditions, or products liability for negligently maintained or designed equipment or vehicles.

For example, a subcontractor is hired to erect scaffolding which another company's worker will use to perform his work, and the subcontractor fails to make sure that the bolts holding the scaffolding are properly secured causing the scaffolding to collapse. If the worker is injured by this accident, the subcontractor can be liable for the worker's injuries because the worker was not an employee of the subcontractor.

Under Indiana law, there are time limitations from the date of the accident to file a construction negligence lawsuit. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed as a result of a construction accident, a lawyer experienced in construction law should be consulted as quickly as possible to evaluate and investigate your case and protect your rights. Contact Hilbrich Law Firm to determine your rights.

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