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Distracted Driving on the Rise

Despite increasingly strict laws and enforcement, distracted driving is on the rise in Indiana and across the nation. It seems that each incident becomes increasingly strange and unbelievable – and distracted driving is not limited to the much publicized use of cellphones and texting while driving. That was certainly the case recently in Evansville when a distracted driver crashed head-on into an ambulance, overturning the ambulance. The driver, Michael W. Burris Jr., drove his Ford pickup truck directly into the ambulance, which fortunately did not contain a patient at the time. Burris himself, as well as the two medical emergency workers who were inside the ambulance, were hospitalized for treatment. After treatment, Burris was taken to jail. Burris, a perpetrator of distracted driving, was not using a cellphone or texting at the time of the incident. Instead, he became distracted after seeing an acquaintance outside the local Dairy Mart. He then drifted out of his lane and struck the ambulance. This incident simply highlights how common it is for drivers to allow their attention to wander from the road, for any number of reasons. Public awareness campaigns combating the problem have thus become increasingly important. For example, NBC33, Fort Wayne CW, and other partners such as the Girl Scouts are working together to promote their “Eyes Forward” awareness program. The program involves advertisements focused on the dangers of texting while driving, pledges and wristbands to inspire and challenge young drivers, and visits to local schools to display wrecked vehicles and demonstrate the use of the jaws of life. These programs can only do so much, however. Until drivers begin to take their responsibility seriously, and focus on the road and the task at hand, private attorneys will be needed to obtain compensation and justice for their victims. For a free consultation with our top personal injury attorneys, call 877•877•LAW2 (5292) or 219•924•2427.

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