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Sugarland Litigation Typical of Personal Injury Suits

No one will soon forget the Indiana State Fair collapse of 2011. Now, as the litigation over the injuries suffered moves forward, the key question has become: who is responsible?

The litigation arises from the collapse, during high winds, of a stage at the Fair just before country superstars Sugarland were set to perform. Seven people were killed, and dozens more injured.

Recently, a group of victims filed suit against Sugarland, alleging that their negligence in failing to cancel the show led to the victims’ injuries. The families of four of the deceased, as well as numerous injured, are plaintiffs in the suit. The suit also names the concert’s promoters, as well as the builders of the stage itself. The victims allege that the various defendants failed to assess and keep track of the weather, and failed to evacuate the area when it became clear that conditions were dangerous.

Although much more sensational and highly-publicized than the average civil lawsuit, the Sugarland case provides a classic example of the aftermath of an injury: the victims wait while the various responsible parties argue over whom should bear true responsibility.

Sugarland has now responded to the suit. Sugarland asserts that it was not involved in the building of the stage (done by Mid-America Sound Corp.) – and emphasized that the stage was constructed for multiple events at the fair. Sugarland also asserts that it was not the band’s responsibility to cancel the concert due to bad weather, but the responsibility of Fair officials.

In depositions, however, employees of the Indiana State Fair have repeatedly stated that Sugarland was asked to cancel the concert, but declined.

Unfortunately, the Sugarland litigation is typical of cases where multiple parties share some responsibility for a victim’s injuries. Whether fault is shared by a superstar, state fair officials, and construction workers, or by a doctor, a nurse, and a hospital, the strategy is often the same: defendants point fingers at one another in the hope of avoiding liability themselves.

Fortunately, experienced personal injury lawyers are accumstomed to this strategy, and well-equipped to combat it. An experienced attorney can overcome this defense strategy to help victims obtain justice, and the recovery they deserve.

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